Live Co-Creation

About Us


Group Classes available, contact me to schedule a date.

Please contact or 513.967.3131 to reserve your spot.


Co-Creation Artworks™ 

We have developed a process called Co-Creation Artworks to raise money for our cause. Through community and friendship, Purposeful Painting gathers artists of all skill levels to co-create works of art. The process teaches participants the lessons of detachment, acceptance and teamwork. The artists paint on each other’s canvases during a session allowing every participant to add their personal touch to each piece. The artists have the option to take their final pieces home or donate them to Purposeful Painting. The donated artwork is sold at silent auctions, raffles, or on our website. All proceeds go towards our cause and are tax deductible.


We Offer…

  • Classes and Workshops in our studio or at a venue of your choice
  • Paint Nights Out
  • Corporate events/ Team building
  • Open studio paint nights
  • Fundraising events
  • Community Events
  • Performance Art
  • Commissioned Pieces
  • Customized Private Events
    • Birthday Parties
    • Bridal Showers –Baby Showers
    • Date Night
    • Girls Night Out
    • Family Painting
    • Holiday Celebrations
    • Etc Etc!


Here’s what people are saying about their experiences…

It’s meditation with a paintbrush.

I never knew I could be so creative.

It’s not just the lesson in letting go, it’s also that every hand put their loving touch to each piece created.

I never knew it would be so spiritual.

Thanks you for teaching me how to paint.