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Our Mission

It was just before Christmas of 2012 when my honey, Lou, asked me what I would like for Christmas. I said I didn’t need anything. Why don’t we use the money we would have spent on each other and help our friends who are struggling right now? That year we were able to help four women. Once we began telling others what we were doing, they also wanted to help.

Purposeful  Painting was created to help the Woman who is facing challenges.

Who is this Woman?

She’s the mom whose working two jobs to make ends meet.

She’s the woman whose company closes their doors, so now she is finding it difficult to replace that lost income.

She’s the woman caught in massive layoffs and her unemployment doesn’t cover her expenses.

She’s the mom whose ex-husband stops paying child support, now she is losing her home to foreclosure.

She’s the woman whose car breaks down and worries how she will find the money to fix it.

She’s the grandmother taking care of her grandchildren because her daughter struggles  with issues of addiction.

She’s the woman trying to help herself,  but too proud to ask for help. That is Today’s  Woman  to whom we are giving a  little extra money to ease her worries and lessen her stress.

This is the woman we want to help. We are here to co-create together, each and everyone of us, a brighter future for Today! Your generosity is very much appreciated. Your donations will create a brighter future for this woman.. Today’s Woman!